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With love and gratitude!

I’m Attila, a qualified coach, personal trainer, massage therapist, mixed mover and a genuine waterman from Hungary, focusing all my efforts to help people succeed and learn the processes necessary to make movement & healthy eating a solid part of their daily routine and lifestyle.

I studied at the University of West Hungary where I attained my B.A. degree in P.E. Trainer of Gymnastic and gained a certification in Applied Exercise Physiology. Throughout High School I tried just about every sport going and as a result I was constantly active.

After studying I went to Budapest/Hungary and qualified as a Personal Trainer and began giving private lessons and functional group training courses.

I worked as an instructor for various professional windsurf centers in Greece, with the purpose of improving windsurfers’ athletic skills and techniques, we would windsurf every day till sunset. My time on the water gave me the desire to teach movement and it became my passion, I realized that I can help people become happier and healthier through exercise.

In 2016 I discovered Kancho Cameron Shayne and Budokon Yoga. I have recently returned from studying with his astonishing style, and am focused on sharing my experience.

I actively teach Budokon Yoga, and Group Fitness Classes, give Personal Training and Massage in Düsseldorf, and help people with their Nutrition. I teach my classes in English.

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